Update: Low Time Pilot Jobs

Published on November 28, 2011 by in Updates

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We’ve been getting some feedback from low-time pilots that they’d like to see more content about oddball flying jobs that don’t require a lot of experience. Ask and ye shall receive!

Aidan filmed this short update at Lake Hood Seaplane Base in Anchorage on November 24th (Thanksgiving Day here in the States). I’ve been off the grid for a few days spending time with family, so I’m just getting around to posting it.

If you’re a low-hour pilot you’ll want to watch this. Aidan tells you what we have planned in the next few months just for you.

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3 Responses to “Update: Low Time Pilot Jobs”

  1. Antonio says:

    Let me know more about low time our company just announce bankrupt and willing to finish up my commercial license to fly there I’m hispanic male 44 thanks

  2. Matt says:

    Hey, thanks for this post! I’m a 330hr CFI in Colorado and trying to figure out how to get my aviation career going so I can leave my day job and fly for a living. I’m excited to see what you guys have to say for us low timers. I’d love to hear about opportunities in AK. Been wanting to move up there and instruct, but nervous to make the commitment and find nothing.

    Thanks! Keep it up!

  3. TheBushPilot says:

    Did you ever consider bush flying in Africa?
    There are some countries like Botswana and Namibia, where a low houred pilot (2-300 TT) can get a flying job and quickly boost the logbook to 1000 hours. There is a guide to everything you always wanted to know about scoring that first pilot job in Namibia or Maun, Botswana. The tips and tricks of scoring that first job in the African bush. There is a Cessna 206 or a Cessna 210 waiting for you as well. Look for the Low Time Pilots Guide to African Bush Flying (http://maunpilot.blogspot.com/2012/02/low-time-pilots-guide-to-african-bush.html)

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