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A rare sunny day on Lake Hood

I’m back up in Alaska, and just finished a ground school for Ryan Air (an all cargo operation based in Anchorage but operating throughout the state). Era Alaska was holding a recurrent ground school too. It was a good chance to catch up with old friends in the informal pilot crash pad on Lake Hood, fondly called “the 333.” The history of the 333 is long and varied, and will have to be a story for another time …

The important information that emerged after several beers had been downed was that Era is looking to hire 25-30 pilots over the next couple of months. That’s the most pilots I’ve heard of a bush air taxi hiring at one time. Initial ground schools are being planned for March and April.

As you might expect, the more time you have the better your chances of getting picked up. Anything over 1,500 hours and you may be able to move into the right seat of a C-207, skipping flying right seat in the Caravan, and you’ll get better pay and time off. They really need pilots for these PIC slots, but it can’t hurt to apply if you have less time and are committed to flying in Alaska. If you’re just trying to build time in the right seat and then bolt, they will probably pick up on it and not hire you.

Get your resumes in quick! They need to fill these slots soon. If you have any questions about the company or what the work is like (hint: Discovery’s Flying Wild Alaska makes it look much cooler then it really is), contact us through the contact page, and I’ll do my best to answer quickly.

Good luck!

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10 Responses to “Update: Alaska Pilot Jobs (Era Alaska is looking for pilots)”

  1. Brian says:

    I was reading the other interview with Jason Wilson and the pay mentioned was $3600 per two week shift for a C-207 driver and about $5000 for an experienced C-208 driver. The interview also mentioned two weeks on and two weeks off. So would that be $3600/4 weeks because you don’t get paid on the two week off period? This $3600/two week pay period, how far does that go with the cost of living in Alaska? I’m just trying to get an idea what the reality is. The TV show makes it look like the ultimate job. Thanks

  2. Norm Williams says:

    I have about 4,000 hrs TT mostly jet time and am looking for a flying job in Alaska. Do you know where i should look.

    Thank you

  3. mike savage says:

    how many times a year they look for pilots

  4. naser says:

    I’m iraqi pilot holding faa cplir from american aviation academy CA US . with 307 total flying time fly Da-42 and cessna 172 and Antonove 26 as copilot at Ukraine speak engilish , arabic , russian ,ukraine .
    I ready to be long term pilot full time at any type of aircraft s i’m 27 yyers old , single , hard worker , can stay foy long time at any company .
    just want to fly and get experiance ,
    thank you

  5. wayne says:

    caribbean native , with cpl inst multi…. not much flying time245 hrs what are chances flying in Alaska with low time.

  6. Wilmen Ramos says:

    Hello I am a Venezuela pilot I have 21 thousand flight hours I have experiencia in DC 9 ATR 42 cessna 208 and 206 I would like know what are chances flying in Alaska thaks

  7. Mark Eiler says:

    Retiring soon after flying C182/206 for the government for 27 years. Commercial Instrument rated with over 9000 hours. Anyone out there have any job openings?

  8. Tom Hammersley says:

    ATP, CFIAMEI, 15,000TT a substantial amount of tail wheel time , fan jet and turbo prop time in prats. Flown the DHC-6 and C208’s as a bush pilot in Ethiopia, Northeast Africa in the middle of a famine and civil war, but no Alaskan bush experience. Any council as to where I might look in Alaska or who I might apply to? Thank you in advance for your time.

    • Ice says:

      Guys, if you are real men, just go there and visit Era and start to fly there. It is only the question of the size of your balls. I live my life like this and am doing very good.

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