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Island Air Express Cessna Caravan

After my interview with Pat Goodrich about Island Air Express, he suggested a flight over to Klawock, where Island Air Express is based. Cable Wells was finishing up Initial Operating Experience (IOE) with Pat, so Cable would be flying and I’d be a passenger in the back. Still, I happily took him up on the offer. It’s always fun to get the view from the back, and I’ve always been intrigued by the Garrett-powered Caravan. Those extra horses up front were bound to have an effect on performance! (The Garrett in the amphib Caravan produces 850 horsepower, and 950 in the Grand Caravan).

The peak season hadn’t hit yet, so the Caravan was still on wheels (as opposed to the amphibious floats that it sports during peak months). On wheels, flying off a runway used by 737s, I don’t think Cable was forced to push the performance limits. But liftoff certainly happened sooner then I would have expected from a standard 208. The climb rate was also impressive. Flying the Caravan IFR in Southeast Alaska, or on the heavier amphib floats, I don’t think there is any question that the Garrett engine provides a greater margin of safety.

The Chelton avionics that were installed also reflected the company’s interest in providing a very good, useful, IFR machine. You may have picked up on my skepticism regarding some of the modern panels (e.g. the Garmin G1000 and touch screen GPSs) in other posts. In general, I think the avionics companies are getting too clever and complicating what should be simple systems. Well, I have to say I was impressed by the Chelton system. I didn’t get to use it myself, but it seems to encompass the best of the old and new technology. It helped that Cable was very well versed in the practical application of the package, and he was able to explain the ins and outs in an understandable fashion.

Video: Island Air Express Klawock Base and Cessna C208 Caravan Walkthroughs

This video (shot in April, 2012) includes a look at the Island Air Express operation in Klawock, and a walkththrough of a Garrett-powered Cessna Caravan. Among other things, you’ll hear about:

  • The difference between the Texas Turbine Conversions and Aero Twin Garrett engine conversions
  • The differences and benefits of a Garrett engine on a Caravan vs. a PT6
  • The features and benefits of the Chelton 3D synthetic vision avionics


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Flight Simulation

If you want to get a sense of what it’s like to fly around Southeast, Mike says the add-ons to get for Flight Simulator X are:

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan HD Series by Carenado (PT6-powered)

FTX NA Blue Pacific Fjordes (includes Ketchikan)

FSAddon’s Tongass Fjordes X (includes Klawock)

FTX PAKT Ketchikan Airport

More Information

Island Air Express

Cessna 208 Caravan

Aero Twin

Chelton Flight Systems

Klawock, AK

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7 Responses to “Aircraft and Base Walkthrough: Island Air Express Cessna 208 Caravan/Klawock, Alaska”

  1. Jeff says:

    Great video and walkthrough on this 208. Thanks!

  2. Jason says:

    Great stuff! Keep ’em coming.

  3. Pat Goodrich and I both got our start with Skagway Air Service. If you are flying with Pat, you are flying with the best. I’m glad to see Cable has joined them. He is another very accomplished pilot. Each of them has thousands of hours of Southeast Alaska experience.

    • Aidan says:

      Yup, they were lots of fun to hang out with and had good beta on SE. Not being that familiar with SE I thought it was super cool that they were interested in sharing their experiences.
      The next post will have both Cable and Pat talking about SE in general and Kodiak as well. Kodiak is truly a black hole, I knew next to nothing about flying in Kodiak until this conversation.
      Cheers guys

  4. Eugene Maximov says:

    Hi Aidan! I had gained a minor experience with Turboprops flying TBM-700 at Tarbes,France in far 1994 as well as minor aquaintance with Garmin-1000 flying Glass cockpit C-182 to Rosher Harbor,San Juan Island two years ago. My son Alex is flying Pilatus-12NG, now in the Eastern Siberia thus this video was a great interest to me Thank you a lot.! The only pity is, I unable to catch up all the talking due to I am not native bearer of the language, If Mike arranged the link to written text of the chart for such stupid boys as I am, I’d be happy!

  5. Morgan Rohan-Smith says:

    Great Video!

  6. Moose says:

    Flew with Patrick at Skagway Air. Both he and Cable are highly experienced pilots and I’d have no problem letting my family fly with them. Great video….makes me miss Southeast.

    Pat, I need a hug!


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