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In the early 1990s when Aidan and I spent our days fueling floatplanes, washing them, and moving them around with a forklift at Kenmore Air, we had plenty of time to come up with big ideas. Back then one of our best ideas was to write a book about non-conventional flying jobs. We never wrote the book, but we never stopped thinking about it, either.

In the almost two decades since, technology changed a lot. For most of us, the Internet has become part of our daily lives. So when we re-ignited our project a few years ago, it quickly morphed from a book … into this web site.

When we posted our first interview back in October of 2010, we really had no idea if anyone would find it or listen to it. But people did, so we kept going.

As he flew around Alaska and the world, Aidan took his camera, MP3 recorder, and video camera with him. When he could, he’d send me the recordings and his thoughts, and I’d turn them into the posts you’ve seen. Watching the library of interviews and videos grow was pretty satisfying. Getting positive comments and emails from our “fans” made it even more rewarding.

In time, we realized there were lots of pilots out there with interesting flying jobs, and lots of people who wanted to do this kind of work. We decided to connect the dots, and give everyone a way to interact directly.

The Oddball Pilot Network

So, we’re excited to announce the next evolution of that first big idea we had almost 20 years ago … an evolution that takes advantage of technology we couldn’t even fathom back then. We hope you’ll like the Oddball Pilot Network as much as we do!

Update: Access to the Oddball Pilot Network is now just one of the benefits of becoming a member of Oddball Pilot.

[Click Here to Learn More]

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3 Responses to “Update: Introducing the Oddball Pilot Network”

  1. Gareth says:

    I happened across this site a few months ago when I was researching “alternative” flying careers. I’ve been hooked on the interviews and aircraft walk throughs ever since. This is a portal of quality material focused on alternative commercial aviation, the likes of which I’ve just not found elsewhere. When the Network launched, I jumped at the opportunity to interact and it’s already showing dividends. Mike and Aiden, you are the right dedicated combo to have made this happen. Thanks!

    • Mike Singer says:

      Thanks Gareth. You were one of our most active beta testers, and we really appreciated your contributions. Glad to hear you’ve found value in both sites. We’re as excited as you are to see where it all leads!

  2. Christopher Iezzoni says:

    Just wanted to throw my $0.02 in here – OPN is shaping up to be a wonderful resource. It’s exciting to watch how quickly the community is growing. Already I’m seeing some really interesting job opportunities cropping up. Micro-communities like this _are_ the future.

    Thanks Mike and Aiden for your efforts!

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