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In this short update video you’ll hear about what we have planned for you over the next few months. You’ll also hear about our latest project … a “sister site” to Oddball Pilot. Stay tuned for details.

The video was filmed in Nairobi, Kenya in mid-July. Aidan had just delivered a new Cessna Caravan from the factory in Wichita to its new owner.

As always, feel free to email us about any interesting flying jobs you know about (or want to know about), and we’ll put them on our list of stuff to research for you!

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One Response to “Update: Skydiving, Fire Suppression … and Our New Project!”

  1. Evgeny says:

    Good to hear from you Aidan in Nairoby where our AN-12 cargo was landing in far 1994 on back way from Luanda,Angola to Russia. We were happy dogs to return alive and with bucks earned tough flights. It is so interesting that my first touch of floatplane,C-185 is also had started at Kenmore base in far yet1998. I very respect your professional flying in all continents and your other hobbies on the raizor edge. You and Mike are really good team combining odd pilots around world.
    Good luck everywhere!
    Evgeny Maximov, EAA 794520,test-pilot,retired

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