Jumpseat to Mekoryuk (Video)

Published on November 26, 2012 by in Videos

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If you liked Aidan’s recent Dispatch regarding “work” and got a sense of what he’s talking about from his photos, then buckle up!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this video should be worth about 34,200,000 of them (37-minute video x 60 seconds per minute x 15 frames per second x 1,000 words). So, I can keep this intro short!

Aidan’s new employer Ryan Air hauls cargo around Western Alaska. He’s been training to fly the CASA 212-200. CASAs are working airplanes, and the guys who fly them are working too … hard.

If you want to see what a typical flight is like, pour yourself a cup of coffee, press Play, and hop into the jumpseat of a Ryan Air CASA 212-200 flight from Bethel to Mekoryuk for 37 minutes of exposure therapy. (The actual flight takes an hour or so, but cruising over snowy flat wilderness really isn’t very exciting, so I edited the video Aidan shot last spring down a bit.)

If you watch the whole thing and still want to fly cargo in Alaska, then you’ve clearly found your calling. Don’t waste any time … get yourself a part-time job moving heavy furniture in and out of a walk-in freezer with a loud fan so you can prepare for your future!

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3 Responses to “Jumpseat to Mekoryuk (Video)”

  1. Mike says:

    That bad boy was out flying today. I fly out of Bethel and I’m loving it! Maybe I’ll hear you on the radios, Aiden. There’s one guy at Ryan thats pretty hilarious talking to tower. Sounds like Robin Williams…gooooooooood moornin Bethel tower!

  2. Jarard says:

    Thanks for putting up the video guys. It helps me get my flying fix on a wet and windy day down here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh, how I’d love to sip of cup of coffee while behind the controls right now. Happy flying!

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