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Do you live near Seattle? If so, join us next Wednesday night at KBFI for a look at Aidan’s experiences flying in Nepal.

Wednesday February 13, 2013, 6:30-9:30 PM

Aviation Training Center (KBFI) – 7170 Perimeter Rd, Seattle

Call to reserve a spot: 206-768-1332

When Aidan was asked to ferry one of a pair of Cessna 208 Caravans from Seattle to Kathmandu a few years ago, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. As an experienced bush pilot and professional climbing guide, Nepal was high on his list of places to visit.

Once there, he jumped at the chance to stay a while and provide instruction to the pilots of Goma Air, the new airline that had purchased the aircraft. He took a lot of photos along the way: of the pilots, the airplanes, the villages they flew to, the people of Western Nepal, and the runways that made it all possible.

“I’m hoping my images will start a conversation about the options out there for pilots,” he says. “For people just starting their careers, as well as experienced pilots looking for a more adventurous path in aviation. There are lots of possibilities for those willing to step outside the box!”

Join us for a look at some of the most challenging and breathtaking flying in the world … and discover what a Caravan is really capable of!

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7 Responses to ““Goin’ to Kathmandu” – presentation in Seattle on 2/13/2013”

  1. AJ says:

    If someone going to this event could video it and maybe Aidan or Mike could post it that would be awesome.

  2. Eugene Maximov says:

    Hi Mike! It is a pity I am not with you and Aidan as I live rather far, in Russia. Galvin’s of BFI is where I’ve got my commercial and instrument tickets in now far 1998. Please,pass my kindest regards to my true friend Spence Campbell and his wife Marie who are co-owners of ATC at the Boeing Field. Together with my dear old friend Joe Bennett, the Gold CFII, Spence did a lot for Russian pilot get instrument rated. Both are Special men. Ask Spence about his epic river swim and Joe of his flying Alaska and Canada. I wish them good health and good luck and success Aidan’s presentation
    Evgeny(Eugene) MAximov

    • Mike Singer says:

      Hi Evgeny!

      Spence was my CFII a decade+ ago. He and Marie remain good friends. I’ll say hello for you!


  3. Chad M. says:

    Hi Aidan and Mike, I attended your “Goin’ to Kathmandu” presentation at ATC and really enjoyed it. I thought you struck a good balance of entertainment and information, showing us the various aspects of ferrying Caravans across the Atlantic and then flying them in Nepal. I especially liked the videos of the takeoffs and landings at some of the challenging mountain airstrips in Nepal. There really wasn’t a lot of runway left sometimes! I also enjoyed your anecdotes on living in Nepal, it sounds like you met some pretty incredible people there. Thanks for the great presentation!


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