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Gareth Bliss is part owner of a PBY-5A Catalina based at Duxford Aerodrome in the United Kingdom, operated by Plane Sailing. Last spring Aidan stopped by for a tour …

A few corrections from Gareth:

  • “26,452lb MTOM is correct, however the metric equivalent is 11,999Kg so just under 12 metric ton (not 13). We can also fly 28,000lb MTOM for special missions if we change the plate in the cockpit.”
  • “The aircraft was leased to the French in the 60’s to Securite Seville (not Protection Seville).”

Want to know more? Listen to Aidan’s interview with Gareth.

Have questions about the Catalina? Gareth says he’ll join us on one of our future Q&A calls for Oddball Pilot members. (Not yet a member? Join us and connect with oddball pilots from around the world!)

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You may not have the opportunity to own part of a real Catalina like Gareth. But you can definitely own a simulated one. Check out this highly realistic PBY for Microsoft Flight Simulator X by Aerosoft. Highly recommended!

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