Oddball Pilot Radio: Cleared for Takeoff

Published on August 21, 2015 by in Podcast

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We’ve produced lots of audio since we launched Oddball Pilot back in 2010. Along the way many of you have asked us to start a podcast to make it easier to get the latest content when you’re on the go. At last, it’s here.

Oddball Pilot Radio

Welcome to Oddball Pilot Radio! Our new podcast feed will feature “conversations, interviews, Q&As, and other interesting audio from the world’s largest community for unconventional professional pilots.”

In this first episode, Aidan and Bryan kick off things off with their thoughts about career paths for oddball pilots, and where future episodes of Oddball Pilot Radio will take you.

In addition to using the player above to listen to this episode, you can:

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One Response to “Oddball Pilot Radio: Cleared for Takeoff”

  1. Jim says:

    Awesome initiative! I do a lot of driving, and rely on podcasts for most of my listening. Would love to auto-subscribe on my android phone, but cannot do so through the iTunes store. Publishing your podcasts on Stitcher would help me, and many others who use Stitcher for our podcast subscriptions!


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