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In this modern world of glass cockpits and autopilots, more and more flight training is focused inside the cockpit. This is a great trend for a pilot heading straight to the commuters. But it may not be as useful for a pilot interested in a less structured flying environment, where good old fashioned stick and rudder skills are more important than punching a SID or STAR into the box.

Getting a float rating or tailwheel endorsement, or taking a course on a topic like mountain flying, is one way to acquire basic oddball flying skills. If you’re just starting out, another option is to get your private pilot certificate in a taildragger … and then move on to learning complex avionics during your instrument training.

Below is the start of a directory of flight schools that cater to non-conventional flight training. As time permits, we’ll get some first-hand impressions of as many of these schools as we can and add some descriptions. If you’ve attended any of these schools, feel free to let us know what you thought of them!

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