Glider Operators

Glider operations provide some great job opportunities for oddball pilots. They need towplane pilots, tour pilots, and glider instructors. Glider clubs are also a good source  for work, although much of it may be unpaid.

U.S Operators

For a list of Glider operators in the US, see the Soaring Society of America (SSA) website, especially their interactive directory of affiliated commercial operations and chapters across the U.S.

International Operators

As we dig into glider flying a little more we’ll try to put an international directory together. For now, your best bet is to find a gliding association for the country you want to fly in, and check out their website. Here’s a start:

Soaring Association of Canada

British Gliding Association

European Gliding Union

Gliding New Zealand

Gliding Federation of Australia

Soaring Society of South Africa

Other Resources

Gliding and Motorgliding International

Soaring Safety Foundation

FAA Glider Handbook

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