Seaplane Operators

Kenmore Air Harbor

This directory is a work in progress. As you might expect, a complete list of international seaplane operators is going to be huge. To start this project we’ve broken the list down into separate countries, concentrating on the countries that we know have a significant number of seaplane flying opportunities. This list should start the creative juices flowing and give you a good idea of just how many seaplane operations are out there.

Generally we don’t include single pilot operators in the directories as they don’t often employ other pilots. This time we’ve broken that rule in a few places. There are some pretty cool single pilot operations and there is no reason that you couldn’t consider starting your own operation!

We’ll be adding Alaska and the lower 48 States of the US soon. Florida, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota have significant float activity.

If you know of any good seaplane operators out there feel free to contact us and we’ll add them to the list!


New South Wales

Sydney by Seaplane


Cloud9 Seaplanes

Seair Gold Coast Seaplanes

Air Whitsunday

Red Baron Seaplanes

Cairns Seaplanes


Strahan Seaplanes and Helicopters

Tasmanian Air Adventures


Bay City Seaplanes

Melbourne Seaplanes

Western Australia

Pearl Aviation

Alligator Air

Australia – Seaplane Training

Bay City Seaplanes

Cloud9 Seaplanes

Flying Boat Endorsements

Melbourne Seaplanes

Syndney By Seaplane


British Columbia

Air Hart Aviation

Fort Langley Air

Harbour Air Seaplanes

Ocean Air

SaltSpring Air

Sea Air Seaplanes

Vancouver Island Air


Gillam Air
189 Discovery Ave.
Gillam, Manitoba R0B 0L0

Northwest Territories

Air Tindi


Georgian Bay Airways Ltd.

Sandy Lake Seaplanes
P.O. Box 245
Sandy Lake, Ontario P0V 1V0
1-800-361-9946 / 807-774-1219

Slate Falls Airways

Wilderness Air


Air St-Maurice

Aviation WheelAir

Canada – Seaplane Training

Air-Hart Aviation

Fort Langley Air

Georgian Bay Airways



Seabourne Airlines

Indian Ocean

Maldivian Air Taxi

Trans Maldivian Airways


Harbor Air Malta

New Zealand

Taupos Floatplane

Volcanic Air Safaris

Wings & Water Te Anau

United States


Kenmore Air

Seattle Seaplanes

More U.S operators (including Alaska) coming soon …

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