Remembering Islander Pilot Dan Wilson

Published on November 13, 2013 by in Misc.


One of the perks of seeking out oddball pilots to interview is that we get to meet some really great people. Unfortunately, we lose some of them. Aidan reflects on the short time he spent with McCall Aviation pilot Dan Wilson.

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Loganair pilot Stuart Linklater retired this past week. That’s not so interesting. But consider this … over the course of his career he flew the 1.7 mile flight between Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands of Scotland more than 12,000 times.

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The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander has been operating in remote areas and off short, rough strips since the first one rolled off the factory line in 1965. Last summer Aidan visited McCall Aviation in Idaho, and recorded this video walkthrough of their Islander for you.

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