Dispatch: Work!

Published on November 21, 2012 by in Dispatches


A lot of people get into aviation because they don’t want a “real” job. In his latest Dispatch, Aidan ponders the meaning of “work,” and realizes that he’s happiest in the sort of flying jobs many pilots would run from. There’s some great food for thought here, as well as some inspiring photos from his time working in Nepal and Western Alaska.

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Dispatch: Bethel, Alaska

Published on April 21, 2012 by in Dispatches


Aidan’s back where he started, flying a Cessna 207 out of Bethel, Alaska. Bethel isn’t for everyone … yet as a busy regional air taxi hub to dozens of bush villages, it’s where many Alaskan flying careers have begun. Get an overview of what it’s like to live and work there, in this latest Dispatch.

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While on a recent climbing trip in Moab, Utah, Aidan stumbled upon Canyonlands Airport (KCNY). He sat down with Mark Francis and Nick Lamoureux of Redtail Aviation to give you some insight into the sort of flying they do. He also got a look at one of their Cessna 207s.

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