What happens when a C-130’s #3 propeller gearbox explodes at flight level 270? It ain’t pretty. Listen to the cockpit voice recording of the incident, and hear Evan Smith–who was in the left seat on that day in 1988–tell the tale.

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“Eight Minutes”

Published on May 17, 2013 by in Misc.

HF Antenna

Pilots, oddball pilots especially, tend to pride themselves on being self-reliant. Sometimes though, you owe everything to the kindness and professionalism of strangers. 13 years ago today, a real-life aviation radio drama unfolded over the Atlantic. Put on some headphones and listen in …

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Flying can be a lonely pursuit at times … especially when the outcome of a long flight is in doubt. In those rare situations, simply being able to connect to another human being via radio can make a big difference. In the powerful short film North Atlantic, an isolated air traffic controller in the Azores receives a distress call from a lost plane. Listen in …

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