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Paul and Lisa Roderick

Photo: Paul Roderick with his sister Lisa at Kahiltna Base Camp, the starting point for Denali climbers. Lisa is the Base Camp manager.

Our first Oddball Pilot interview is with Paul Roderick, owner and Director of Operations of Talkeetna Air Taxi in Alaska.

TAT has been around since the early days of Alaskan flying, helping pioneer flights to Mt. McKinley, finding glacier landing sites, supporting climbing expeditions, and assisting with mountain rescues. Today the company also provides more extensive expedition support, including logistical support, route checks, and helping climbers recon new routes.

In this interview, you’ll hear Paul talk about:

  • How he became the owner of TAT
  • His initial impressions of glacier flying
  • How the business has changed over the years
  • What he looks for when hiring new pilots
  • What the pilot schedule and lifestyle is like
  • His favorite aircraft to fly
  • Finding new landing areas on glaciers
  • The challenges of glacier flying
  • TAT’s relationship with other operators in Talkeetna
  • Gaining experience and learning good judgement as a glacier pilot
  • Managing risk
  • How he finds new pilots
  • Talent vs. flight time
  • The importance of intuition and the ability to feel
  • Life in the off-season
  • Interesting resumes he’s received
  • How to get a job flying in Alaska

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Be sure to also check out our Talkeetna Air Taxi Aircraft Walkthrough video, in which Paul introduces you to two of the most rugged bush planes in existence: the DHC-3 Turbine Otter and DHC-2 Beaver!

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2 Responses to “Interview: Paul Roderick, Talkeetna Air Taxi”

  1. Topden Lama says:

    I felt great to have an opportunity to hear an interview of my friend of many years Mr. Paul Roderick about his esperience in flying and service to an adventure people coming to Talkitna, Alaska. Its just great and I wish him all the best and just keep it up. Best of luck.

  2. David Cooper says:

    Great interview. Twice in the past year or two I’ve caught a show on either the Discover or History Channel about Alaskan bush pilots in which Paul Roderick was interviewed. I grew up in Tariffville, Connecticut, and at the end of our street lived a family named Roderick who I knew quite well. Their son (I believe he was Paul Jr.) made a minor splash by flying his ultralight over our housing developement. Any chance they are the same person?

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