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Ever on the lookout for off-kilter perspectives on the everyday work of flying, we bring your attention to a great series of blog posts by Deborah and James Fallows.

Deborah is a linguist and an author. James is a national correspondent for The Atlantic, an instrument-rated private pilot, and has written two great books on aviation: Free Flight and China Airborne. The Fallows are currently flying around America in a Cirrus SR-22, reporting on American Futures: Reinvention and Resilience Across the Nation.

KNPA GPS Approach Excerpt

You may already know about witty intersection names, but this explanation is particularly well-written and fun to read. (Thanks to my friend Bruce Williams for the recommendation, via his blog.)

Read the posts in sequence:

ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT: The Secret Language of the Skies

Wednesday Potpourri: Norms, Place Names, Republican Air Force, Omidyar

EATNN TTUNA SNWCH – hold (at) MAYYO: More on the Secret Language of the Skies

Seen any good intersection names or other interesting airspace cleverness on your own flights? Leave a comment, below.

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3 Responses to “The Oddball Intersection of Aviation and Linguistics”

  1. Will Aiken says:

    RNAV RWY 2 @ KIXA in Eastern NC has the following waypoints; TANGY VINGR SLAWW. Hog farming and NC (vinegar based) barbecue is a big deal in the regional surrounding this fairly new replacement airport.

  2. Mike Wallace says:

    He mentions CELTS and BSOSOX near Bostoni n the blog…but more interesting is the next intersection from each going outbound from KBOS – CELTS DUNKK and BOSOX GRIPE

  3. Kim says:

    Always found the two football references at EGLL 27 rwys humorous, RICHY BARNS and BEKUM PILOK.

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